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NCAA Football 12 – Tackling 101

About the Authors – Zfarls and SGibs are professional gamers and regular invitees and attendees at EA Sports events like Madden Community Day and NCAA Community Day. They are committed to bringing you the top strategies and secrets to success. They wrote the official players guide and have been breaking down NCAA Football 12 for months!

NCAA Football 12 – Tackling 101

Top 5 teams in the "Top Tier" and in the "Lower Tier"

One of the greatest things about NCAA Football 12 is the amount of teams and styles in the game. Gamers have the ability to find a team that fits their style and utilize them to their full potential.  With custom playbooks, you can literally run any style that fits your teams personnel. Below are the teams who will allow you to start winning more games in NCAA Football 12.

10 Quick Tips to Improve Overnight

1. Start using the three headed rushing attack. Defenses can't stop all three options. Find a running formation that you like and find a combination of runs that allows you to attack the defense to the left, middle, and right.

2. Use the Speed option form Singleback Ace. Add this play to your playbook and open games up with this play and force your opponent to defend it.

The 12 best things about NCAA Football 12

1. Custom Entrances – After seeing a few of the new entrances this season, I couldn’t wait to get the game in my hands to start going through so many of the great college traditions. The team at EA Tiburon did an excellent job capturing not just the mascots and traditions, but what it actually feels like to run onto a field on Saturdays.

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