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Can you send me codes or cheats? is unable to send codes or cheats to individual users. If you are looking for codes for a specific game, please search the codes section of or purchase any of our codes & cheats guides or eGuides. Prima's codes & cheats are also available via your mobile phone on most major carriers.

Can you help me with this code? is unable to ensure the accuracy of all of its codes. If you have difficulties with a code try the code repeatedly. Many codes require difficult button combinations and timing, and it may take several attempts to get it right.

Can you help me get through a tough spot in my game? is unable to answer individual strategy questions from individuals, nor can we put you into contact with the guide author. We suggest that you use the message boards to contact other gamers who may have encountered the same problem.

Where can I buy your books? Can I purchase your books in my area?

Basically, you can find our guides wherever games and/or books are sold. They are available at most major book, software, game, toy, and video stores. Even department stores carry our guides. Of course, you'll also find our guides on the Internet at various book and game retail Web sites.

You may order our official game guides directly from Random House by using your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. Call 1-800-733-3000 or go to to place an order. Prima guides are also sold electronically and can be purchased on

If you would like more information or assistance, please contact our customer service department. Prima does not have information on a specific store's inventory of our titles. You will need to contact your local retailers to check on availability.

I can't get my game to load, can you help me?

Prima does not have technical support staff for individual games or gaming systems. If you are experiencing problems with your software, please contact the manufacturer of that particular software/gaming system for assistance.

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