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NCAA Football 12 – Tackling 101

About the Authors – Zfarls and SGibs are professional gamers and regular invitees and attendees at EA Sports events like Madden Community Day and NCAA Community Day. They are committed to bringing you the top strategies and secrets to success. They wrote the official players guide and have been breaking down NCAA Football 12 for months!

NCAA Football 12 – Tackling 101

Learning the proper technique to tackle is practiced day in and day out at every level of football over the summer. On those hot summer afternoons, coaches are constantly reprimanding players and teaching them the perfect form tackle. The best coaches know that good tackling can turn an average defense into a great one. In NCAA Football 12, players have many options when bringing down the offense, here are the best ways to lock up your opponent.

Tackle Button
With the new collision system in NCAA Football 12, the tackle does not start until the two players collide. You know have a tackle button that lets your defender lunge at the ball carrier and drag him down.

This is the most consistently used tackle but it does take some time to get used to. Gamers used to simply run into the ball carrier to bring him down, but using the new tackle button allows you further range to tackle and wraps up more consistently.

Pro Tip: Use this to make shoe string tackles on the sideline or when chasing down a speedy player from behind.

Hit Stick
By using the right stick, gamers have the ability to lay the hit that might land them on Sportscenter. However, a mistimed hit stick may land you on the wrong side of the highlight.

NCAA 12 Tackling 101

“Do Not Attempt With A CB, May Cause Embarrasment”

The hit stick is something that should only be used with safeties and linebackers. Cornerbacks simply don’t have the hit power worth going for the knockout blow. Defensive ends are usually are not running downhill enough to get momentum to drive through the hit.
Do not go for the hit stick on every play or kickoff, make sure you have backup in case you do whiff on the hit. If you need a turnover late in the game, get ready to unleash it as a well timed move can jar the ball loose.
Pro Tip: You can also use the hit stick to separate the ball from the WR after a catch over the middle.

Strip Button
The strip button is the least common way to tackle in NCAA Football 12, but it can be a valuable move to use in the right situation.

If a ballcarrier is heading into traffic, press the strip button to try and rip the ball loose. Since the ball carrier will break more tackles, only use this move if you have backup on the play.

Pro Tip: If your opponent see you going for the strip, the will start to cover up the ball which slows down their moves on offense.

CPU Tackle
The computer is a sure tackler, one advanced way to tackle is by letting them do the work. If you run your player in the area of the ball carrier but are afraid of a big cut, simply click off the defender and allow the computer to wrap him up. This is a great move when you are one on one in the open field, simply get your player in position and switch to another player. Make sure to run your new player towards the play as well.
Pro Tip: This is a good move on interception returns and kickoffs when there is one man to beat.

Defensive Assist – By holding down the defensive assist button, your player will properly play his assignment like the computer. This is a great way to play man coverage or to follow a shifty running back that catches the ball in space. By holding the button, you can get yourself into good position and then simply make the tackle on your own.
Pro Tip: On Heisman difficulty, there is no defensive assist! Use the computer tackling method if you need assistance!

Early on, you may take some lumps while trying out the new tackling system in NCAA Football 12, however with some practice you will be bringing down the ball carrier in no time. Remember all of the tools you have at your disposal, and work on finding the best time to use them. Be Clutch!

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