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NCAA 12 Demo
Under each playstyle (including the demo version of Option) you'll see a description and 5 play diagrams. Once you click on any of those 5 diagrams you'll find more content about that play including- more text, more screens, and a video showing how to run the play. The running set plays are a little different in that they have 3 videos showing how to run left, right, and up the middle. Please make sure the diagrams are clicking through to get the most out of this site.

Also, be sure to read the mini-scheme information above the play formations. This will give you in-depth instructions for your offensive options. There's also a 20 minute video showing how to run all the schemes.
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Shotgun Split Offset

FB Angle - Base Play
Shakes - Deep Pass Audible (right stick right)

The FB Angle is one of the best plays in the game at attacking aggressive defenses. If your opponent sends pressure from any direction we will be able consistently beat the pressure. If pressure comes left look to the HB on the flat route, if pressure comes right look to the HB on the angle route, and if pressure comes from the middle look for the drag over the middle of the field. Shakes is a great option when your opponent plays any type of zone coverage. The flat routes beat Cover 4 while the corner routes create a high low read to beat Cover 2 and 3 zone. Make sure to run no huddle with the FB Angle as it is one of the toughest plays to defend in the game.

Mini schemes

Having an effective mini scheme is the ultimate compliment to our "5 Sets for Success". The mini scheme is what we like to use to prevent our opponent from keying in on our offensive attack. The mini scheme is comprised of an effective base play and the assigned quick audibles for the formation. Every formation in the game has a Play Action, Quick Pass, Deep Pass, and Run quick audible. In order to call upon these you will need to call an audible and then use the right stick to active which play you want. You can have as many mini schemes that you want but be sure to use them in specific situations such as the start of the game, start of the 2nd half, and 2 minute drills.

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Base Play: Shotgun Double Flex-Four Verticals
Zone Beater: Ace Big Flip-TE Inside
Man Beater: Shotgun Trips-Middle Slant
Quick Pass: Shotgun Split Twins-Switch
Running Set: Shotgun Double Flex-Speed Option

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